ADAM Group

Beginning to every success


Years experience working

ADAM Group was established by Mr. Ahmed Farouk in 2001 to start its activity with the vision of being one of the leading companies during the beginning of the development period in Syria, and after the group invested in various sectors throughout its 19-year journey, moving between several commercial, industrial and agricultural activities, it has transformed today. To a group of companies with a sound capital structure and created value for all its stakeholders.

Adam Group has become an important brand that is active through its experienced team in a wide area, especially Europe, Asia and Africa. Adam Group provides its services to its customers through its nine companies and its team of more than 200 people using high technology, a high-value brand, and an effective workforce. Shipping, alternative energy, media production, tourism and hotels, media and e-marketing, e-commerce, printing, feasibility studies, implementation and project management, setting up production lines on demand, establishing factories, factories and major industrial facilities, managing industrial and commercial projects, implementing engineering plans for projects Reproduction and recycling0

Adam Group closely follows the global markets of the relevant sectors, and tries to realize the conditions of global competition and international standards, using the power of all its companies. The world, and its exemplary services focused on the demands of customers, the specifications of the reliable worker that it possesses, and its effective communication network, the group has been able to occupy its place among the representatives of the sector who leave a distinctive impact on them. Adam Group continues to provide its workers with the best opportunities and achieve distinguished projects thanks to its disciplined work focused on development. continuous.